FAQ - General

  • Can I leave a joined contest? Down Arrow

    No, you cannot leave a contest after joining.

  • Can I leave a joined contest? Down Arrow

    No, you cannot leave a contest after joining.

  • When do I get the result of a contest? Down Arrow

    Based on the scorecard, our team will verify and update the points and rankings within a couple hours after the match. Please note that this process may take long to ensure accuracy.

  • Why was my money refunded? Down Arrow

    We refund your money within 24 hours when a contest is cancelled. This happens only if the match is called off or the contest does not gather the required number of contestants.

    A match can be called off without a ball bowled or sometimes even after the start of play due to rain, dangerous pitch, among other reasons.

  • Why doesn’t my prize money reflect in my account? Down Arrow

    The prize money reflects within 4 hours of the match being concluded. However, the winners are announced the next morning for matches that end late night.

  • How is the winner decided? Down Arrow

    Winning positions are decided on the basis of ranks achieved by various teams. The ranks are finalised on the basis of points accumulated by teams.

    For example, consider the following contest details:

    Total winnings - ₹3,00,000
    Contest Size - ₹200
    Winners - ₹100
    Entry Fee - ₹2000

    Prize breakup:

    Rank 1: ₹1,00,000
    Rank 2: ₹60,000
    Rank 3: ₹20,000
    Rank 4-10: ₹5,000
    Rank 11-100: ₹1,000

    Once a contest is closed, the prize breakup is recalculated on the basis of the number of teams that have joined the contest. For this example, let’s consider the maximum teams allowed to join the contest.

    Once the match finishes, all the teams that had joined will have a fixed rank on the basis of the points they have accumulated.

    So, if you had joined this contest and your team achieved a rank between 1 and 100, you are a winner and the amount committed in the prize breakup corresponding to your rank is your winning amount.

    Please note that cash prize and rankings are different for different contests.

  • How to create multiple teams? Down Arrow
    • Select the match you created your fantasy team for.
    • Go to ‘Create New Team’ at the bottom and create multiple teams.
  • What is the importance of a captain and vice-captain? Down Arrow
    • The captain and vice-captain you choose for your team are the ones you predict to be the best and second-best players of the match respectively. While the captain bags twice the points for his performance, the vice-captain earns 1.5 times the points.
    • Put your analytical skills to good use to earn these bonus points.
  • What are the rules to create a team? Down Arrow
    • Create your Fantasy Team by selecting 11 players with the help of the 100 credit points.
    • You can select a maximum of 7 players (Cricket & Football) and 5 players (Kabaddi) from one squad. Let’s say, there’s a match between India and Australia: if you select 7 players from India, you can draft in only 4 players from Australia or vice versa.
    • Cricket: You can select 1 to 4 Wicket Keepers, 1 to 6 Batsmen, 1 to 6 All Rounders and 1 to 6 Bowlers.
    • Football: You can select 1 to 2 Goalkeeper, 1 to 6 Defenders, 1 to 6 Midfielders and 1 to 4 Forwards.
    • For matches that go live from 17th October 17:00 IST onwards, this will change to 1 to 2 Goalkeepers, 1 to 6 Defenders, 1 to 6 Midfielders and 1 to 4 Forwards.
    • Among the players in your chosen XI, you can assign a captain and a vice-captain.
    • Kabaddi: You can select 1 to 5 Defenders, 1 to 4 raiders and 1 to 4 all rounders.
  • How to play the My11Circle game? Down Arrow
    • Go to ‘Matches’ > ‘Upcoming’.
    • Pick a match and create your fantasy team using the 100 credit points in your kit.
    • If you are new to the world of fantasy games and want to explore it, join our ‘Practice’ contests. Here, you do not have to pay an entry fee. Play for free and challenge other contestants.
    • If you want to win prize money, discover various contests such as Mega, Beat the Expert, Beat the Score, Head to head etc.
    • You can also create your own Private contest and invite your friends and family to test their skills.
    • Your fantasy team will start earning points once the match goes live. Check progress in the ‘Live’ tab.
    • Your final score will be updated once the match is over. Go to ‘Matches’ > ‘Completed’ to check your team’s points and rankings.
    • The amount you win depends on the performance of players chosen by you, and it will reflect in your My11Circle account after 4 hours of the match being in completed state.
    • To withdraw any cash from your account, go to:
      • My11Circle
      • My Account
      • Withdraw Cash
  • How many teams can I create per match? Down Arrow

    You can create a maximum of 30 teams but you can join a contest only with maximum 20 teams which are subject to change as per the size of the contest.

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