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My Account

  • How do I change my mobile number? Arrow

    All Mobile numbers at My11Circle are unique. Once a number is registered by the player, it can neither be modified by the player nor by the customer support team due to security reasons.

    Once registered, the mobile number would be permanent for the concerned My11Circle account.

  • I am not able to enter the date of birth. Arrow

    This could be because the format in which you may be trying to enter your date of birth, does not match the format that our system accepts. Please enter your date of birth in this format: DD/MM/YYYY

  • How do I change my address? Arrow

    To change your address in our records, please upload any one of your below-mentioned documents

  • Is the My11Circle app available on the Google Play Store? Arrow

    Yes, The My11CIrcle- Lite app is available on the Google Play Store. To download the app, head over to the Play Store > search for  'My11Circle - Lite' in the search bar > allow it to fetch the app > Tap on 'install' 

  • How do I change my gender? Arrow

    We regret to inform you that we will not be able to change your gender due to system limitations. However, this will not affect your game play or your KYC verification.

Refer & Earn

  • What is the maximum number of friends I can invite? Arrow

    There is no limit on the number of friends that you can refer to. You can refer as many friends as you like and earn up to Rs 500 for each friend.

  • How do I refer my Friend? Arrow

    To refer your friend, please follow the following steps:

    • 1. Open the My11Circle application.
    • 2. Tap on “Refer & Earn” which you will find at the bottom of the screen.
    • 3. Invite your friends via WhatsApp or Free SMS/Email.

Fair Play

  • Is it legal to play fantasy games for cash in India? Arrow

    Yes, it is completely legal to play fantasy games for cash in India as long as you are not playing from states such as Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Telangana, as the gaming laws are unclear in these states. As we get more clarity on the law in these states, we might reconsider offering our services to the residents of these states.

  • Can I play on My11Circle from outside India? Arrow

    My11Circle is open only for people playing from India (except Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Telangana). We regret to inform you that you will not be able to add cash and play cash tournaments if you try to access our website from any of these states or outside India.

VIP status and Bonus Cash

  • How much Bonus Cash can I use for joining a contest? Arrow

    The amount of Bonus Cash you can use for joining a contest can be seen on the contest card.

  • What happens when a contest joined partially with Bonus Cash gets abandoned? Arrow

    When a contest gets abandoned, the amount of Bonus Cash you have spent to join that contest will be returned to you. You will be able to see this amount of Bonus Cash in your balance after the contest abandonment process has been completed.

  • Terms and Conditions Arrow

    Bonus Cash & VIP is our brand new loyalty & rewards program that truly rewards you for playing on My11Circle. In this new program, you earn rewards every time you play.

    By playing for Rs. 1500 in a calendar month, you unlock the VIP benefits. These benefits stay with you for the remainder of the month plus next month.

    Read on to know the terms associated with the new Bonus Cash & VIP programs:

    Redemption of Bonus Cash: This can be discontinued or the terms of redemption can be modified at any time without any liability to My11Circle. My11Circle's decision regarding the same shall be final and binding.

    VIP benefits: The benefits can be discontinued or the terms thereof can be modified at any time without any liability to My11Circle. My11Circle's decision regarding the same shall be final and binding.

    Expiry of Bonus Cash & VIP program: This program shall expire as per the terms and conditions prescribed in the FAQs and be subject to modification at any time without any liability to My11Circle.

    Information updates: All email communication for Bonus Cash & VIP program will be sent from:


    Please add these IDs to your safe senders' list.

    This program does not entitle you to any privileges other than those stated in the Bonus Cash & VIP program sections on the website.

    The Terms of My11Circle are applicable to all services offered on Any violation of the Terms at any stage may result in disqualification from the Bonus Cash & VIP program, forfeiture of rewards, and such other action by My11Circle as may be deemed necessary as per the Terms.

  • How long can I keep my Bonus Cash? Arrow

    Each Bonus Cash comes with validity. You have to use Bonus Cash before it expires. You can check its expiry on the Bonus Cash main page.


  • What can I do with Bonus Cash? Arrow

    You can spend your earned Bonus Cash in 2 ways:

    1. Purchasing Boosters (Winning Multiplier)

    You will find certain contests in our games with the option to buy boosters. These boosters help you multiply your winning amount by 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x.

    2. To pay the entry fee on Contest Join, you have to pay the entry fee for all the contests partly using Bonus Cash.

    Note: the feature "To pay the entry fee on Contest Join" is currently unavailable. Keep playing on My11Circle for more updates on this.

  • What is Bonus Cash and what is the value of Bonus Cash? Arrow

    Bonus Cash is a new reward currency introduced by My11Circle. You can earn this by simply joining contests on My11Circle.
    You can use it to buy amazing boosters or for joining contests with discounts.

    1 Bonus cash is equal to Rs. 1.

    Note that Bonus Cash cannot be withdrawn and can only be used to join contests on My11Circle or buy boosters.

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Private Contest

  • Who can host the private contest? Arrow

    Any user who has registered on either My11Circle or RummyCircle.

    Users need to have provided address details and must not belong to the restricted states.

  • How can a player host a private contest? Arrow
    • Eligible players need to go to the match for which they want to host the private contest.
    • They need to click on the “Private Contest” button shown on right side of the filter tags.
    • On the create Private contest page, players need to provide details for (default value is already there for the player's convenience)
      • Name of the contest 
      • No. of teams
      • Entry fee
      • No. of winners 
      • Multiple teams allowed.
  • How can a player share the private contest with their friends? Arrow
    • Once the private contest is created successfully, the user is redirected to the invite page.
    • On this page, they can see the option to share the invite code through different mediums such as Whatsapp, SMS or any other sharable medium (using “More” option).
    • They can share it on any medium they want to.
    • The player can also copy the link or the code and share it on any medium.
    • Players can invite their friend later as well, by going to the “My contest” section on the contest lobby for the match.
    • On this page, they can click on the “Invite” button on their private contest.
  • How can other players join a private contest? Arrow
    • Players can join a private contest only through the unique link or unique code that is created for every private contest.
    • It is the host’s responsibility/prerogative to share the link or invite code of the private contest.
    • Once a player gets the link or unique code (through any medium) they can click on the link
      • This will redirect them to the app showing the details of the match and the Private contest
      • Alternatively, they can copy the invite code and search with this code on the “Join Private Contest” page which can be accessed through the “More” section of the app.
    • They can join the private contest any time before the start of the match by paying the entry fee mentioned at the time of hosting the private contest.
      • This money will be deducted from their regular wallet (all checks and steps same as that for the regular contest)
    • There is no checks on who can or cannot join the private contest other than the checks applied on the joining of regular contest (state check, registered user, address details provided, cash added, etc.)
    • Once any player gets the link for the private contest, they can forward it to any of their contacts as well
      • On joining the private contest, they can also invite their contacts through in-app pages (as mentioned above for the host).
  • Can a player join the contest that they created? Arrow
    • Yes, the player has the option to join the contest that they created.
    • Along with the option to join it through the invite link and code, they can also join it by clicking “Join this Contest” option on the invite page or by “Join” option present on the contest details page.
  • Can a player share the private contest created by some other player? Arrow
    • Once any user gets the link for the private contest, they can forward it to any of their contacts as well.
    • On joining the private contest, they can also invite their contacts through in-app pages i.e. through the contest tile present under “My contest” .
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White Goods

  • How I can collect my winning prize? (phone, bluetooth speaker). Arrow

    In order to send your prize, we would require your details mentioned below-

    • 1. Full Name.
    • 2. Address.
    • 3. City.
    • 4. State.
    • 5. Pin code.
    • 6. Pan card number.
    • 7. Mobile Number.

    You need to send us your details at We will send your gift through courier. You will receive your gift at your confirmed address within 20-25 working days.

  • Why did I not receive my prize at my address? Arrow

    Delivery of the prize to your address shall be subject to the presence/access of the courier agency. Otherwise, the player shall be responsible to collect it from the nearby office of the courier company.

  • What if I receive a damaged prize from a courier? Arrow

    If the prize received is broken or in damaged condition, you need to inform us at within 48 hrs for the appropriate action.

  • What happens when there is a tie at the first position in a contest? How will the prize be distributed? Arrow

    In case there is a tie on the 1st Prize in a Contest, the user who joined the contest first/earlier will be eligible for the white good. My11Circle reserves the right to change the criteria to choose the Winner for the White good and its decision will be final and binding.