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Unable to Play

  • My email ID verification is still shown as pending despite sending the blank email. What should I do? Arrow

    If you have already verified your email ID but are still asked to verify the same, please log out and re-login to your My11Circle account. Once you log back in, your email id status would be updated to 'verified' from 'pending.'

  • Why am I getting the pre-conditions error? Arrow

    You get this error message when your age as per the date of birth entered by you is below 18 years. If you have mistakenly entered the wrong date of birth, you can get it changed by reaching out to us at, along with valid ID proof. Once your date of birth is updated, you will be able to join cash contests.

  • I keep getting the 'Jurisdiction' error which does not allow me to play. What do I do? Arrow

    You may get this error message if your IP address is getting routed through any of these states- Andhra Pradesh, Assam, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Telangana.

    Any gameplay with prizes has been restricted in these states owing to the state gaming laws.
    If you are not present in any of the above states and are still getting the same error, please follow the steps below.
    Turn OFF data/wifi -  Turn OFF GPS - Turn ON your Airplane/Flight Mode - Close your My11Circle app from apps running in the background.

    After removing the app from recent apps:

    Turn OFF Flight Mode - Turn ON data/wifi - Turn ON GPS and then open the My11Circle app.
    Please find the below graphic and step-by-step process for the same.
  • How do I verify my email address? Arrow

    Please follow these steps in order to validate your email ID:

    • Login to your My11Circle account
    • Go to More >Account details > My Account> Email id >Verify
    • Open your email inbox and click on the validation link (within 30 minutes).

    Please check your spam folder for the confirmation link if not received in the inbox.

    You can try an easier way to verify your email iID by just sending a blank email to "" from your registered email address. Once you send this email, our system will immediately validate your email address.

    Note: Email validation is mandatory. Failing to which, you might not be able to login to your account. Hence, it is our humble request to you to validate your email address as soon as possible.

  • Why am I not getting the OTP? Arrow

    Please note that sometimes there might be a delay in receiving OTP due to bad network conditions. However, we suggest you wait for 3-5 minutes.

    Note: The OTP is valid for 15 mins and will expire after that.

    If the registered number is correct and reachable, you can request for the OTP to be re-sent by clicking on 'Resend OTP' and if you still do not receive the OTP, please provide us with an alternate number not used by another player along with an Identity proof so that we can update the same in your account. 

  • How do I reset my password? Arrow

    Please follow these steps:

    • Click Forgot Password.
    • Enter the registered email address and human verification code. 
    • Go to your mailbox (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo etc).
      Open the email received from My11Circle and click on the link.
    • Generate a new password.



    • Your username/login name will also be emailed to you along with the password generation link.
    • You have to click on the link within 30 minutes from the time it has been sent to your email ID.
    • Please check junk or spam folders in case you did not receive the email in your inbox.
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  • Can I leave a joined contest? Arrow

    No, you cannot leave a contest after joining.

  • When do I get the result of a contest? Arrow

    Based on the scorecard, our team will verify and update the points and rankings within a couple hours after the match. Please note that this process may take long to ensure accuracy.

  • Why was my money refunded? Arrow

    We refund your money within 24 hours when a contest is cancelled. This happens only if the match is called off or the contest does not gather the required number of contestants.

    A match can be called off without a ball bowled or sometimes even after the start of play due to rain, dangerous pitch, among other reasons.

  • Why doesn’t my prize money reflect in my account? Arrow

    The prize money reflects within 4 hours of the match being concluded. However, the winners are announced the next morning for matches that end late night.

  • How is the winner decided? Arrow

    Winning positions are decided on the basis of ranks achieved by various teams. The ranks are finalised on the basis of points accumulated by teams.

    For example, consider the following contest details:

    Total winnings - ₹3,00,000
    Contest Size - ₹200
    Winners - ₹100
    Entry Fee - ₹2000

    Prize breakup:

    Rank 1: ₹1,00,000
    Rank 2: ₹60,000
    Rank 3: ₹20,000
    Rank 4-10: ₹5,000
    Rank 11-100: ₹1,000

    Once a contest is closed, the prize breakup is recalculated on the basis of the number of teams that have joined the contest. For this example, let’s consider the maximum teams allowed to join the contest.

    Once the match finishes, all the teams that had joined will have a fixed rank on the basis of the points they have accumulated.

    So, if you had joined this contest and your team achieved a rank between 1 and 100, you are a winner and the amount committed in the prize breakup corresponding to your rank is your winning amount.

    Please note that cash prize and rankings are different for different contests.

  • How to create multiple teams? Arrow
    • Select the match you created your fantasy team for.
    • Go to ‘Create New Team’ at the bottom and create multiple teams.
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  • How is the prize break-up calculated? Arrow

    Once the deadline for joining for a contest is over, the prize break-up is calculated again based on the actual teams joined. 

    Example – If the contest size is 200 but only 150 teams joined then the prize structure is revised again based on 150 teams.

  • How are the winners announced? Arrow

    The winning positions are announced as per the ranks of different teams. These ranks are finalized based on the points accumulated by the joined teams as per the Footballers’ performances in live matches.

    Note: If multiple players end up on the same rank, you may get fewer winnings as compared to the actual prize break-up.

  • When will the winnings be credited to my account? Arrow

    The amount you win will reflect in your account within 24 hours.

  • What are the rules to create a playing 11? Arrow
    • 1. You need to create your fantasy team using 100 credit points 
    • 2. You cannot choose more than 7 players from one team
    • 3. You can choose 1 to 2 Goalkeepers, 1 to 6 Defenders, 1 to 6 Midfielders and 1 to 4 Forwards in your team of 11 players
    • 4. After selecting a team of 11, you have to choose a Captain and Vice-captain
  • What is the importance of a captain and vice-captain? Arrow

    The captain earns 2X score (twice the points earned) and the vice-captain earns 1.5X score. Hence, choose the best players as the captain and vice-captain for your team.

  • What is the maximum number of teams I can form in a match? Arrow

    The maximum number of teams you can create in a match is 20. However, the maximum number of teams with which you can join a contest is 6 or less (subject to change), which in turn depends on the contest size of the match.

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  • Key points to remember Arrow

    Raid touch points

    The points are to the raider for every opponent he gets out or puts out.

    All out points

    Only the starting seven players get the points for getting the opposition team all out. Similarly, the negative points for getting all out are given only to players who feature in the starting seven.

    Card penalties & points

    If players receive any card, they will continue to get negative (for Getting All Out) and positive (for Getting Opposition All out) points.

    Points deducted for the red card include a deduction for the yellow card and green card.

    Points deducted for the yellow card include deductions for the green card.

    Player transfer from one team to other

    If a player has been transferred from one team to the other, he might still be available for selection for his current team until the next scheduled team update on My11Circle. However, no points are awarded to the player in such a situation.

    Points settlement & winner declarations

    The points keep getting updated until the match is in the ‘under review’ state. Once a match is moved to a completed state, the winners will be declared and no further adjustments or amendments will be made.

    Note: Data is provided by reliable sources and once the points have been marked completed.

  • Will I get points for the Golden raid? Arrow

    No, any event during Golden Raids will not be considered for awarding points.

  • Is Extra time considered for awarding points? Arrow

    Yes, any event during Extra Time is allowed for awarding points.

  • When do the Substitute points get awarded? Arrow

    Player substitution points are awarded only when a player enters the field of play.

  • How does a player replacement work? Arrow

    If a player from the starting 7 is unable to start the match due to any reason, the player will not score points. The player who acts as a replacement will earn points, including the starting points.

  • What is Double? Arrow

    A Double is a rare event where a single player can achieve both a Super 10 and a High 5 in the same match.

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